Our Mission

"Add value to corn production and enhance the incomes of our
investor partners while providing economic growth to the area we serve."


Golden Grain Energy is a privately-held company dedicated to adding value to northern Iowa’s corn production by turning locally-grown corn into clean-burning ethanol.

The company currently produces approximately 120 million gallons of ethanol annually at a plant in Mason City, Iowa. Owned by more than 900 members, the majority of who are Iowa farmers, Golden Grain Energy is committed to being a strong partner in the local community, a key player in the regional economy and a leader in Iowa’s ethanol industry. We employ over 50 individuals in rewarding professional careers and purchase approximately 42 million bushels of corn annually from producers and grain dealers. In addition to ethanol, Golden Grain Energy produces distiller’s grains and non-food grade corn oil, providing a feed source for local livestock producers or the Biodiesel Industry.

Golden Grain Energy strives to help meet the growing national demand for domestic biofuels, which are the key components of our nation’s efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oil and improve air quality around the country.